For Parents

Get Acne Tips from the Experts!

Could you use a hand helping your teen manage his or her acne?  Then check out these video tips from parenting expert, author and TV personality, Judy Reith and leading consultant dermatologist, Dr. Alison Layton who share their helpful tips on talking to your teen about acne and the importance of visiting a doctor to help get it under control.

“I’ve found the disparity between parent’s perception of their teenager’s needs and wants on a social and physical level, versus those of the adolescents incredibly interesting, but also quite disturbing.  What this demonstrates to me is the extent of the impact growing up with acne may have on teenagers opportunities for advancing socially and academically, both whilst at school but also professionally.  So many teenagers are left with a loss of self esteem and confidence because of the perceptions of others and an empathetic relationship with parents can really help overcome this.”

Judy Reith, Parenting Coach