Welcome to Acne Perceptions

The Acne Perceptions campaign is brand new initiative launched this year by the Acne Academy.  It has been developed specifically to explore the perceptions people living with acne, especially teenagers, are exposed to on a daily basis by their peers and adults and highlight the potential implications for long term, more far reaching psychological effects.

To mark the event, the Acne Academy will be unveiling shocking results from new research which reveals the psychological impact growing up with acne can have on some people.  With 80% of the UK population suffering from acne at some point in their lives, this raw and revealing research exposes the burden placed on teenagers growing up with acne, sometimes affecting them for the rest of their lives.

Acne is an incredibly common skin condition, and in fact its incidence is on the increase, especially amongst those in their early twenties.  Yet it is still seen by many as condition we have to ‘live with’ – and our aim is to show that this is not the case. Through the Acne Academy website you can access all the information you need, compiled and written by our independent Expert Panel, to help you manage your acne, including advice on how to talk to parents and/or your GP..